ScoZinc Mine Overview

The ScoZinc zinc-lead mine last operated from mid 2007 through early 2009 before it was shut down following a dramatic decline in zinc and lead prices during the 2008-2009 financial collapse. During its operation, ScoZinc Mine demonstrated the attractiveness of mining the zinc-lead mineralization in an open pit, confirming the potential for mining the other mineral deposits located adjacent to the Main open pit area.

The scoZINC mine restart plan

With the closing of the acquisition of ScoZinc Limited in May 2011, ScoZinc Mining Ltd (formerly Selwyn Resources Ltd) commenced detailed planning of the restart of the ScoZinc Mine.

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Since acquiring the mine in 2011, the Company has invested more than $10 million into the refurbishment of the mill, exploration, technical and economic studies and permitting.